Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) using EDSWT (Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy)


The prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction (ED or what is mistakenly called “impotence” is estimated to affect 10% of the adult male population; chronic ED may affect 50% of men between the ages of 40 to 70, and transient loss or inadequate erection affects men of all ages.

The current available treatment options comprised of surgery (use of implants, reconstruct arteries or block-off veins), vacuum constrictions devices, hormonal therapy and pharmacotherapy.

The majority of treatments and management performed today on patients with Erectile Dysfunction is done by modalities that relay mainly on the usage of pharmacotherapy particularly PDE-5 inhibition medication (Viagra / Cialis / Levitra).

Although there is no doubt on the impact that PDE-5 inhibition medication has on the field of sexual medicine, there is a growing realization that pharmacotherapy is not sufficient, especially in such delicate and complex matter as the male sexuality.

When it comes to the male sexuality, we have to attribute physiological as well as emotional factors that concern the treatments of ED and have not been solved by PDE-5 inhibitors, such as spontaneity in sexual intercourse and mainly the self-esteem that is damaged by the dependency on medication in order to be able to have sexual intercourse.

A new, non-invasive therapy which implements the ability of low-intensity shock waves to induce local and controlled angiogenesis and development of collaterals is becoming a new alternative in the treatment of patients with ED. This therapy can offer a true and complete solution to patients that suffer from vascular related ED problems.

EAU 2013 Guidelines Gold Standard

Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy (EDSWT) was officially accepted by the European Association of Urology (EAU) as the gold standard for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in the EAU 2013 Guidelines on Male Sexual Dysfunction.
This was based on clinical trials using the Medispec’s ED1000.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ED1000?

The ED1000 is a paradigm shift in the treatment of vascular origin Erectile Dysfunction utilizing Extracorporeal Shockwaves.

Who can use the ED1000?

The ED1000 should be used by a trained Personal. This could be an Urologist or a nurse with the supervision of an Urologist. All users should undergo training by Medispec or its local authorized representative to operate the ED1000.

What are Shockwaves?

Shockwaves are acoustic waves, similar to ultra-sound waves that are generated by an underwater high-voltage spark. Shockwaves are single pulse waves with high-pressure amplited, small pulse width and a short rise time. Shockwaves are delivered noninvasively, focused by a special ellipsoid reflector.

What are the inclusion criteria for treatment?

Patients with documented vascular related ED and no hormonal, neurological or psychological pathology.

What are the exclusion criteria for treatment?

Patients with the following conditions:

  • Any cause of ED other than vascular etiology
  • Patients with penile tumor
  • Patients with prostatic tumor
  • Patients with testicular tumor
  • Patients with local tumor at the treatment area
  • Patients with skin wound at the treatment area
  • Patients with infection at the treatment area
Is the treatment being conducted in a discreet manner?

The Urological clinics are by nature discreet, during the treatment only the treatment administrator is present and the treatment is held in a private room.

Is it necessary to hospitalize the patient?

There is no need to hospitalize the patient before or after the treatment; the treatment is a non-invasive painless and the patient is able to return to his daily routine.

During Treatment

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful and there is no need to use any kind of sedation during treatment.

What does the patient feel during treatment?

The patient sometimes feels a tickling sensation in the treatment area during treatment. This effect passes immediate or shortly after the treatment is stopped.

Post Treatment

Is there any side effect of the treatment?

No. There were no reports of side effects during, immediately after or post treatment.

Is it possible to undertake repeated sessions?

Yes. Shockwaves could be delivered as long as there is a clinical need for ED therapy.

Is there a need for special post treatment procedures?

No, there is no need for any post treatment procedures.

Can the patient engage in sexual activity after each session?

There is no restriction of sexual activity before or after treatments.

How soon after treatment protocol initiation shall I feel any difference in sexual performance?

Some of the patients have reported an improvement after 6 treatments already (3 weeks from initiation of therapy).

Can PDE5-1 be used until I feel clinical improvement with EDSWT treatment?

PDE5-I are permitted to use until reaching satisfying improvement.

How long does the treatment effect last?

There is clinical evidence that treatment effect is lasting from 6 months and up to 18 months.

ls there a change in the intake of medication after treatment?

Yes. There is a reduction in the consumption of PDE5-1 after completion of all treatments

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