Flexible Cystoscopy


Flexible cystoscopy involves inserting a flexible scope through your urinary passage to visualise the bladder. This procedure is done under local anaesthetic and it might take just couple of minutes. The procedure involves application of local anaesthetic gel at the urinary passage and insertion of a flexible scope.

The doctor, will guide the scope through the opening and both you and him can see the procedure in the screen in front of you. During the procedure you might feel slight urge to urinate since there is saline being instilled into the bladder.

The procedure is mostly done as a daycare admission and you do not need to be fasting in case it’s being done under local anaesthetic. You are advised to empty the bladder prior to starting the procedure. This will make the visualisation of your bladder much easier.

After the procedure, there might be slight discomfort during peeing but this will disappear within a couple of hours. Your physician might give you a course of antibiotics in case he feels there is a risk of infection.